Because there is a legislation which is complex, diverse, and subjected to constant changes , in order to carry out a good tax planning, it is necessary to lay out a general plan of action and investments that takes into account the tax incentives that might arise.

Our professionals work together with you to carry out a correct bookkeeping, preparing and processing your taxes, annual closure, etc… designing your assets to obtain maximum tax advantages.

We advise you in the creation of your company (family business, SMEs, joint ownership, self-employment), type of company, required capital and corporate purpose.
We carry out all necessary processes, from the notarised deed until the start of the activity.

We can manage your official and subsidiary ledgers, help you to submit your income tax and corporate tax, to elaborate accounting reports, and provide you with the necessary advise to make your project a success.

Furthermore, our team of tax advisors can offer you advise about all kind of issues that may arise regarding tax matters for foreign citizens and/or non-resident citizens.