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Gamaservi - Servicios de Asesoría laboral y fiscal en Ibiza

advice to companies and professionals

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Because there is a legislation which is complex, diverse, and subjected to constant changes , in order to carry out a good tax planning, it is necessary to lay out a general plan of action and investments that takes into account the tax incentives that might arise.
Our professionals work together with you to carry out a correct bookkeeping, preparing and processing your taxes, annual closure, etc… designing your assets to obtain maximum tax advantages.
We advise you in the creation of your company (family business, SMEs, joint ownership, self-employment), type of company, required capital and corporate purpose. We carry out all necessary processes, from the notarised deed until the start of the activity.
We can manage your official and subsidiary ledgers, help you to submit your income tax and corporate tax, to elaborate accounting reports, and provide you with the necessary advise to make your project a success.
Furthermore, our team of tax advisors can offer you advise about all kind of issues that may arise regarding tax matters for foreign citizens and/or non-resident citizens.

We provide you with our Accounting Department, which will help you make of your accounting the control and management instrument that you need; among others, we offer you the following services:

  • VAT, models 303 and 390. Staff retentions, Annual Summary, Rental Retentions, Commercial Retentions.
  • Presentation of quarterly models.
  • Foreign Sales. Customs. Ecommerce.
  • Imports. Tariffs, European Union and from foreign countries.
  • Imports / Exports.
  • P
  • reparation of Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Account.

In Gamaservi, we make your problems as our own, providing solutions in the area of labour relationships, informing you about all current labour legislation and offering you with multiple consulting services.
We manage before inspection and we process applications for disability allowances, retirement pension, widows’ pension…. We have as our objective to expedite to our clients the processing of relevant applications and to solve satisfactorily compromising situations.
Registration of the company in the Social Security Office, contracts and registration of employees, payroll and Social Insurance, Labour Inspections, settlement proceedings, Labour Court.

It is said that “a bad compromise is better than a good lawsuit” and it is well-known among businessmen that we must be ready to face any inconvenience, that we must be prepared to solve any problem.
If that happens one day, our Legal Consulting Department has specialists in each and every branch of the law. This way, we can manage your affairs in a personalised way, keeping you promptly updated about their development.
We manage testaments, inheritance or applications for a residence permit, matters related to companies, we prepare and draft your documents regarding your purchase agreements, rentals…

Regardless of the size of your company or the length of time since the start of its activity, we perform a deep analysis, income forecast, investments and expenditure, cost-benefit analysis…
In Gamaservi, we provide strategic advice and action plans to help your business achieve important results.
Web consulting: we have the support if the web consulting firm Hop and Up Agencia Digital, which specialises in:
web design and development, mobile applications, online marketing, social networks, Ecommerce, brand management and brand digital integration.

We handle permits and licences, for major or minor constructions, we also advise you when you buy your principal residence or second residence.
All this in a fast way and with the highest guarantee, with great dedication and absolute commitment. Whether you want to invest in real estate and get the most out of your investment or your are looking to purchase your first home.
Our service include purchasing operations, rentals or real estate promotions.

In Gamaservi we study and design your insurance policies in order to achieve the maximum optimisation and coverage of your insurance premiums.
We handle risk prevention at personal as well as familiar, professional or corporate level.
We promote the post-sales service of customer service in case of an incident.
We offer updated information about new insurance products and everything regarding its taxation.
From home or car insurance to retirement or investment solutions.
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